OFF THE WALL - Volume 2 - Cover Yusuf Sevincli


OFF THE WALL - Volume 2 - Cover Yusuf Sevincli


copy #501 to #1000
500 copies


THEMA / 28 to 30 pages with photographs only. 
ON THE MAP / A photography expert of a specific region presents work of its young photographers. After Laura Serani and West Africa in the first issue, Lisa Fetissova and Russia in the second, Japan will be presented in the third issue. 
ENTRE VUES/ views on the arts: two figures; one emerging artist and an experienced artist talk about the discipline they share. A transmission between generations.
VINTAGE / old images and their stories.
GALLERY / Portraits on upcoming photographers
IMAGE & WORDS / a photographer talks about his work.
PLAYGROUND / Photography as a hobby
CITY / Two artists portray a city through pictures and words.
KONCEPT / Conceptual work through photography.
PHOTO BOOKS / A collector’s choice presented by a publisher or an independent bookseller 

also: PORTFOLIO , PHOTOJOURNALISM , PHOTOGRAPHY : Sports, Music, Fashion, Cinema

The magazine presents new and old images, all strong and original. A selection of photographs published in OFF the wall will be exhibited at the launch of each volume.

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